Feedback Analysis Report

Shaheed Udham Singh Govt College, Sunam

Alumni Feedback Report

Session: 2024-25



  1. To provide alumni the opportunity to comment on the quality of their learning experience.
  2. To assess the success of academic provision in relation to the expectations of the students.
  3. To provide feedback to the faculties in order to improve delivery and/or content of the curriculum.
  4. To know about the overall experience of the alumni with college and their satisfaction level.
  5. To identify and address gap for improvement.

The survey was conducted online. Each question has five responses, and respondents have to choose the most appropriate one.

Methodology for Analysis:

The questionnaire is based on the Likert scale where the responses are recorded on a scale of 1 to 5, with the most positive response (Excellent) being rated as 5 and last option of response (Fair) being rated as 1. The given questionnaire was filled online by 0 random respondents from all streams. After the survey, the mean score for each question has been calculated and the overall mean has been arrived at.

Method for calculation of mean score on Likert Scale:

To determine the mean score of the 5-point Likert scale, the following formula has been used:

Mean score = (5 × No. of responses in Excellent parameter + 4 × No. of responses in Very Good parameter + 3 × No. of responses in Good parameter + 2 × No. of responses in Fair parameter + 1 × No. of responses in Average parameter) / Total No. of responses in All parameters.

Parameter Respondents
No data available

Analysis and Interpretation: